X Country

“Manger-Damdama-Manger Duathlon” (MDM),in the Trails of Manger forest

So get your MTBs and Running legs ready for some good challenging X country 21K trail MTB racing and 10 K Trail running in absolute Jungle surroundings, total soft trail run, with wild life around. Expect to run alongside with Camels, Neelgais ( Blue Bulls), of course Normal gais (Cows) :-) , Wild Hares, Peacocks, amidst lots of Camel dung,Damdama lake and many many more exciting things enroute besides your other friends in DR :-)

The ride/run is fun and is on 100% off-road with no vehicular traffic at all and in parts on loose gravel.

What’s included in the run- water, Bananas, medical support, chest bibs, Timing certificates, Glucose biscuits, medals ,energy drinks, us LRG and loads of fun and a wonder ambiance.

HOW TO REACH-Reaching the start point is simple – Its 1Km after the Toll Plaza on Gurgaon-Faridabad road if coming from Gurgaon to the right next to the Garbage Incinerator and if you are coming from Faridabad side its 1Km before the Toll Plaza next to the Incinerator.

You will cycle 11k from the mouth of the Trail to Manger Ashram, park your cycles there and run 4 Kms down to Damdama Resort going around Damdama Lake and run 4 kms back up to Manger Ashram, pick up your cycles again ride back to where you had started to cycle.

RACE ROUTE MAP-http://www.gpsies.com/map.do?fileId=ohpcyqikxcoypqog

Links to the pictures from the last event could found here :-https://www.facebook.com/chiromitra/media_set?set=a.10151671495219225.1073741842.523554224

Rules of the Game :- Bring your own cycles
  • No spot registrations
  • Helmets Compulsory for cycling segments
  • There is no Transition time and your timers will start as soon as will start to cycle.
  • There would be batch starts.